What is a Melanoma

(Information is taken from Cancer Council)

Melanoma is a skin cancer that has the potential to kill.


Melanomas can vary greatly in the way they look.


The first sign of a melanoma is usually a change in an existing freckle or mole or the appearance of a new spot.



The change may be in:

  • Colour: blotchy with a wide variety of colors, such as brown, black, blue, red, white, and/or light grey.
  • Size begins to or keeps getting larger.
  • Shape: irregular edge (scalloped or notched).


If a line was drawn through the middle of the melanoma, the two sides would not match up. It may increase in height or become scaly.


Changes are normally noticed over several weeks or months rather than days. A freckle or mole that bleeds or itches can suggest a change.


It is normal for new moles to appear and change during childhood and pregnancy. However, in adults, a new mole could be a melanoma. Talk to your doctor about any changes.


Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body but mainly develops in areas that are usually or occasionally exposed to the sun when a person is outdoors.


If you are worried about a mole or freckle it is wise to contact your GP.



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